Group Supported Employment

Fostering Hope provides group supported employment services for older teens and adults with all level of abilities. The pride of earning a paycheck is something most people want in life, we all deserve the opportunity  to earn a pay check. Earning your own money leads to confidence, pride, and a desire to want to be your own person and be self sufficient. Fostering Hope will do everything we can to assist every person in our work program to be successful with functional work skills.

While in this program individuals will learn important functional job skills such as: customer service skills, money skills, filling out time sheets/ job applications, identify prospective jobs they would like to have in the community, learn about appropriate dress, gain the skills needed to have mindful and meaningful employment for work longevity.

Fostering Hope provides weekly feed back with the member and community employer. All members enrolled in this program will receive hourly pay for their job training and employment. Our mission is to bridge the gap from supported job employment to independent job job employment.

Please call Becky for a tour of our open job sites 623-277-0183.

Transportation Services

Fostering Hope transportation services can be provided to and from employment locations. Please call Becky at 623-277-0183 for openings.